Stories from the past all the way to the future

From 1992 until today, Greek company VRETTOS writes its own sweet history, preparing handmade syruped sweets that drip… sweetness, home care and unmatched quality. Taking yesterday's proven recipes and enriching them with today's demands, we are constantly introducing new traditional pastry suggestions, focused on modern needs, always underlining the quality of raw materials.

Since 1992

Reliability & growth


At VRETTOS, we make sure we have a steadily fruitful relationship with our partners, through the credibility, the nonnegotiable quality and the impressive potential we display. And we don't stop for a moment. We keep establishing new partnerships and work methodically to strengthen our presence and continue to write sweet stories, both in the domestic market and abroad.


ISO 22000 & FSSC certified quality management systems are implemented in our well-equipped facilities, designed to the strictest European standards. At the same time, our well-trained staff guarantees that every single creation holds all those quality features that offer mouthwatering experiences in each and every bite.


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